Books of Swami Swarupananda

Books of Sree Sree Swami Swarupananda Paramahansadev :

(1) Books containing valuable advices of Sree Sree Swami Swarupananda Paramahansadev :
Akhanda Sanhita (Unified Compilation published in 24 volumes)

(2) Books with advices of Swamiji to help young students build their character :
(a) In the early period of life (Jibaner pratham prabhaate)
(b) On self-building or celibacy (Aatma-gathan baa brahmacharya prasanga)
(c) Ideal student life (Aadarsha chhaatra-jiban)
(d) Celibacy simplified (Saral brahmacharya)
(e) Uprooting the incontinence (Asangjamer mulochchhed)
(f) Sanctity of the virgins (Kumaarir pabitrataa)

(3) Must read books for married men and women :
(a) The austerity of women whose husbands are alive (Sadhabaar sangjam)
(b) Widow’s sacrifices in life (Bidhabaar jiban-yajna)
(c) Celibacy obseved by married men and women (Bibaahiter brahmacharya)
(d) Life long pursuit of married men and women (Bibahiter jiban saadhanaa)

(4) Must read books to achieve success in career :
(a) In the field of work (Karmer pathe)
(b) Companions in the field of work (Pather saathi)
(c) In search of a way (Pather sandhane)
(d) Experiences from the working field (Pather sanchay)

(5) Readable books useful in spiritual pursuit :
(a) Master (Guru)
(b) Collective worship (Samabeta upaasanaa)
(c) Theory of Omkaar (Omkaar tattwa)
(d) Unified code of conduct (Akhanda aachaar sanhitaa)
(e) The greatness of the name (Naam maahaatmya)

(6) Books of compiled letters, rich in advices, of Sree Sree Babamoni :
(a) Sound of letters that awakens the youth (Karma veri)
(b) Sanctity of the virgins (Kumaarir pabitrataa)
(c) Letters from forests and hills (Ban paahaarer chithi)
(d) Women of the new age (Naba yuger naari)
(e) Dhritang premna (ধৃতং প্রেম্না)

(7) Books on Swarupananda Sangeet (valuable advices and messages through music ) :
(a) Temple (Mandir)
(b) The auspicious flute (Mangala murali)
(c) Sweet melody of rainy season (Madhu Mallaar)
(d) Cadence (Murchchhnaa)
(e) Garland of mandaar flower (Mandaar maalaa)

(8) A few books of Swamiji on first aid :
(a) Ayurvedic Medicine
(b) Treatment of Snake Bite